Our custom programs are suitable for everyone to facilitate successful inclusion.

Consultations for Schools, Centers, Private and Government Agencies

SYC provides consultation to assist schools, centers or agencies in the education of individuals with autism. A consultation typically involves helping the team to develop a plan to facilitate a student’s successful placement in the optimal setting. Settings may include classrooms, employment settings, and community settings.

  • Identify student’s learning needs.
  • Discuss and train stakeholders working directly with individuals with autism or other developmental disorders.
  • Revise and adjust the learning plan.

Conferences and workshops

SYC is specialized in conducting professional conferences and training workshops worldwide conducted by world-renowned autism experts. We work extensively with local and international communities, professionals, and families.

Our unique topics will no doubt leave the audience feeling inspired and knowledgeable.

Family Consultations

SYC provides consultation to assist and empower parents and members of the family in educating and understanding their child with autism. A consultation typically involves training and discussing their child’s needs to ensure the optimal home environment.

  • Identify student’s learning needs and envriomental issues
  • Discuss and train family members
  • Revise and adjusting plan


We tailor-make training workshops for schools and agencies who want to focus on specific areas of autism or other developmental disorders/ conditions or who further want to develop their knowledge. Workshops are in the form of a didactic lecture or hands-on practicum. All training programs are designed by our behavioral consultants, who are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).


Helping the school staff to develop a plan to facilitate a student’s successful placement in the optimal setting.


Empowering & educating parents to implement ABA strategies on their child in their home setting.


Training medical practitioners to work with patients with autism to ensure a comfortable and stress free experience for the individual.

Sports Agencies

Programs for personal trainers & coaches to help them use evidence-based practices in teaching individuals with special needs.

First Respondents

Increase knowledge and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for Law Enforcement Officers.